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We offer Crown Royal Wood Stoves because we believe them to be the best on the market.

crs-warrantyOutdoor Coal, Corn & Wood Burning Stoves

  • Six Outdoor Stove models to choose from: The RS7200, RS7300, RS7400, RS7500 and the The EPA Phase II Qualified RS7300E, RS7400E model Wood - Coal - Corn burning outdoor furnaces
  • Three Indoor Stove models to choose from: RS7200ID, RS7300ID and the RS7400ID Wood - Coal - Corn burning Indoor Furnaces
  • Heats multiple buildings - Residential & Commerical
  • 20 year Limited Workmanship & Corrosion Warranty
  • High Grade 409 Stainless Steel, 10 gauge
  • Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Tubes
  • Shaker Grate and Ash Pan System
  • Fan Forced Draft - Optional Heating Coil
  • Works with any Heating System
  • Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heating

We feature Crown Royal outdoor wood furnaces that are able to burn wood, coal & corn and are constructed out of 10 gauge 409 AL Titanium enhanced stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance and heat transfer possible. Made to withstand the roughest climates, the Crown Royal Stoves are one of the most efficient ways to heat your premises.

blackmiaBased out of International Falls, Minnesota, which is known as "The icebox of the nation", our temperatures plummet as low as -40 degrees during the winter season. This allows Crown Royal to test and develop their Stoves properly and make improvements where they see fit. Their design goal is to give you years of service and to make the unit easy to maintain and operate. Crown Royal is committed to building the best performing and longest lasting outdoor furnaces on the market, which is why every unit they manufacture is UL 391, UL 726 & CSA B366.1 certified, and comes with a Twenty Year Limited Workmanship Warranty as well as a Twenty Year Limited Corrosion Warranty.

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The Crown Royal Difference

You have a wide range of outdoor wood burning stove manufacturers to choose from. Are you comparing all the features and advantages before deciding to buy? Before making that decision, please check out why we went with the CROWN ROYAL difference.

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  • 20 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - Some outdoor wood burning stove manufactures offer little to no warranty and are usually limited to 10 years. CROWN ROYAL offers a 20 year limited warranty on ALL stoves we manufacture.
  • TYPE 409 STAINLESS STEEL - 409 10 gauge stainless steel is superior to mild steel and others stainless steel grades in terms of thermal expansion properties, along with better corrosion resistance than mild steel. Competitors using mild steel need at least 3/8"" or 1/2"" to get the same corrosion control and by doing that lose heat transfer efficiency.
  • FULLY ENCLOSED OUTDOOR WOOD BURNING STOVES - All CROWN ROYAL outdoor stoves are fully enclosed. Many manufacturers do not have floors which results in rodents and other animal problems that will damage the stove, wiring, and R Value of the furnace. *Excludes Indoor Units
  • RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND TESTING - What better location to develop and test an Outdoor Wood Burning Stove than International Falls, Minnesota, with the coldest temperatures in the continental United States. All Crown Royal Stoves undergo a 24 hour pressure test after final assembly, before shipment. All manufacturing is performed at our International Falls plant.
  • EPA APPROVED OUTDOOR STOVES - Along with our complete line of traditional models, CROWN ROYALhas also developed and sells EPA Approved units that fall far below the EPA requirements for smoke emission standards, with the current 7400E, and the 7300E that is waiting for formal approval. These units are a great option for those people that live in areas with restrictions.
  • INDOOR UNITS - Our indoor units are made with the same high quality standards as our traditional models, but give end users the option to put them inside a garage or barn.
  • THE CROWN ROYAL ADVANTAGE - Our stoves are designed to be very user friendly & easy to maintain. They have the "ORIGINAL" Shaker Grate System, easy ash removal, pull out ash pan, easy access rear door for seamless installation and maintenance, large firebox door for easy loading of unsplit wood, and heat transfer tubes for more square feet of heating capacity. Our stoves are UL approved to burn WOOD, COAL, AND CORN, giving end users the choice to heat with multiple fuels. The stoves are also equipped with a turbo draft system equipped with two blowers - primary and secondary. This system provides the following advantages: burns secondary gases, burns a hotter fire, provides much more heat transfer, higher efficiencies, burns less wood, faster heat recovery, less ashes and low smoke emissions. With all of the advantages we have the best performing, highest quality stove on the market!

Its amazingly how hot the flue gas' are being burnt off!

This is the main wood burning firebox in action!